Ladies First

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I keep saying how hard this place is to adjust to. But I haven’t mentioned two really cool behaviors that I have noticed since I have been here.  Manners and chivalry are alive in New York!

  1. There is a coat closet at every office.  Not only is there a coat closet…they USE it! They always ask to take and hang up coats! (every time I have visited an office for any reason this has happened) Now that I have been working reception, it is my job to take coats and hang them. I LOVE this! It is so impressive to me, and feels old-fashioned and sweet. 
  2. Secondly, the elevator etiquette is so surprising. Men let women on the elevator first, and wait until all of the women are off before they exit.  Can you believe this? I have noticed it every single place that had an elevator.  All over the city.  It is so charming to me!

I think these behaviors still exist because this city is so old and these classic manners are rooted as a cultural norm.  These behaviors feel old-fashioned…because they are.  I feel taken care of when someone takes my coat, and I feel respected when I get off of the elevator first.  New York is making me smile today.


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