The Only Difference

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2013-11-08 12.16.55How is it that in New York restaurants don’t serve ice in your water and a lot of places don’t take credit cards? Come on.

I have had people ask my, “What makes New York so hard to adjust to?”  Everything is different.  It feel like I am in a different country.

The main difference is space. You are in such close proximity to people in this city. You are forced to interact with people in a whole different way than in most other places.  I am from the suburbs of Denver-not even the city.  If I sat on a table for four at Starbucks in Colorado-I could be assured that no one would sit at my table with me, no matter how busy the lobby was.  Here in New York, they don’t have the spacial luxuries to have a personal bubble.  Every table, every chair, every bench bar stool, and sidewalk are full of people.  New Yorkers seem to be void of spacial anxieties that most suburbanites have.  This is both a beautiful thing and undeniably uncomfortable for me to get used to.  I keep wondering how much my life would be different if I grew up here.  You are exposed to people in a way that most of the rest of the country is.  You are exposed to the arts, culture, the richest people, and the poorest people.  What an amazing place to grow up.


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