Month: October 2012

Coco and Casanova

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Casanova considered Champagne “essential for seduction.” And Coco Chanel only drank Champagne on two occasions, “When she was in love, and when she wasn’t.”

There is no doubt that there is something wildly sexy about Champagne. I have decided that I am going to drink at least a bottle a month. I want to be the girl that always has a bottle chilling in her refrigerator just in case something amazing happens. Life is amazing. Why do we always wait for a wedding to drink bubbly… I am committing to it. I will uncork a bottle on a random Thursday while I’m home alone watching Sex and the City reruns. I’ll even put on lipstick just to see the the kiss marks on the edge of my glass. Champagne calls for lipstick. What other wine does that?
Bring a bottle of Champagne to your next dinner party. Instant happiness. I could talk about the luscious sound of the cork POP! forever and ever. Is there any other sound that induces instant joy like that one? I can’t think of a better sound. Is there anything sexier than holding a Champagne flute and standing in high heels? My mouth is watering for some dry bubbly right now.
Champagne is special. It just is. It is tough and tedious to make. Did you know that Champagne can’t be called Champagne unless it was actually made in Champagne, France? Say that out loud three times. If it is made anywhere else it can only be called sparkling wine or made in “champagne style.” There are only three allowable grapes in the Champagne region of France. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Only one of these grapes is white! This was a surprise when I learned this too. There are 8 steps to making this sparkling concoction of pure sexiness.
one) Harvest
two) Pressing
three) First Fermentation
four) Assemblage
five) Second Fermentation
six) Remuage
seven) Degorgement
eight) Dosage

The whole process is simply amazing. It makes you appreciate the time and care that is put into each and every bottle. Go out and appreciate a bottle today. Remember to chill it ice cold. And use flutes to drink them out of because…well, it’s sexy. Lipstick is optional.