What Kind of Wine Do You Like?

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I get this question a lot from people.  My first response is usually, “I just like wine.”  It’s true, I like bubbles, sweet and dry whites, big reds, and dessert wines.  I am just a fan of fermented grape juice I guess. My dream meal would include all of these wines paired accordingly.

I am so excited for my wine classes this semester.  I am taking Wines of the Old World and Enology.

I am also very lucky to be attending school at Metropolitan State University of Denver that has a state-of-the-art tasting room.  This place is legit.  It has South facing windows with all natural light, each student has a sink and a special light on the desks to better see color and clarity in the wine, the tasting room also has it’s own ventilation system as not to skew aroma detection.  I am so lucky to get to taste wine in this environment!

If you are serious about learning about wine, then you HAVE to taste!  You can print off a tasting worksheet online that will help you keep tabs on what you have tasted.  These sheets will walk you through the process of tasting wine including: color, clarity, aroma, flavor, tannin, acid, sugar, and finish.  It is a good idea to research or guess on a food pairing on these sheets too.  It helps you focus and think of wine in a new way.

The most important part of these tasting sheets are writing the label, vintage, and grape varietal.  This way you can never forget the name of the wine you try that rocks your world!  Taking pictures of labels from your phone is a great idea too.  There are many helpful apps available for iphone and Droid as well.



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