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The vines of Canyon Wind.

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Too Hot to Trot

We drink our reds too hot!  I’m talking temperature. Go ahead, set a bottle of red in the fridge for 20-30 minutes and cool it down. There is no need to be ashamed.  It doesn’t make you a more hardcore wine drinker to drink it warm.  We are supposed to be drinking it at around 61-68 degrees, or what is commonly referred to as “room temperature.” I don’t know if it’s just me, but my room temperature is never that cool, especially in the summer time.  When the wine is served too hot, its profile lacks big time.  It will taste…well, Hot.  The alcohol is always going to taste higher with the warm wine.  The last thing I want is a hot wine that tastes “hot.”  Hot is a term that winos use to say the alcohol is too high and it is out of balance.  So come on tough guy, just chill it for a bit.  You won’t be sorry.

Also, pay attention to how cold you are drinking your whites! Take them out of the refrigerator to let them warm up before drinking them.  It is amazing how many more aromas you can smell the longer your glass of white sits there.  The temperature to shoot for with whites is between 50-59 degrees, much warmer than the temperature of a refrigerator.

Last, but certainly not least  Sparklings are to be served around 41 degrees.  Pay attention to the small things when it comes to wine.  It will make your drinking much more enjoyable. Cheers!