AHHHHH Vinho Verde

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Summer is upon us.  If you couldn’t tell from the three digit days for the last month.  I have found the perfect summer wine to come home to.  It is Vinho Verde.  Vinho Verde is a style of wine out of the Minho region of Portugal.  It can be in a red, white, or rose style.Many grape varietals are used in making this style of wine.  They are all picked before the grapes are ripe-hence the name “Green Wine.”

Last night I enjoyed a Brisa do Mar Vinho Verde and it was everything I could hope for after walking in the hot sun in downtown Denver.

The bottle I had was a white variety and I shared it with a person who hates sweet wine.  She was really reluctant to try it but was pleasantly surprised after her first sip. “It’s not sweet at all!”  She was right.  Vinho Verde is a dry, crisp, highly acidic wine which makes it the perfect summer sipper.

Vinho Verde has a slight effervescence which adds to the overall refreshing feel to this wine.  Lots of citrus notes, bold acid, and low alcohol content all add to the drinkability in the hot weather. Chill, pour, drink and repeat.  This wine is so affordable as well, between $6-$12.


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