Urban Winefest 2012

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I was able to attend the Colorado Urban Winefest this year with Adam and Vanessa Weiner of Alto Vino Distributing.  We poured wine for Mesa Park Vineyards, but were able to walk around quite a bit.  It was a very hot day for the event, but it was really fun to be with fellow wine enthusiasts!  The event was very well organized and put together, but the heat was brutal and was on a mission to melt all of the ice!  There was over 200 wines to taste and each winery had it’s own tent to represent their wines.

I was able to talk to Michelle Cleveland of Creekside Cellars and taste her delicious wines.  She will be teaching my Enology class in the fall.  I loved her Bianco and Rosso wines.

I had a great Chardonnay from Settembre Cellars out of Boulder.  They had a great tent with misters to cool off the hot wine drinkers.

The blog I wrote about last was about the aroma wheel and the importance of having one.  There was a giant aroma wheel at the event! They had wine glasses filled with the actual aromas so you could get a nice whiff of what certain things can smell like individually.

Overall it was a great event.  I am really glad I got to attend!


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